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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Day3 - The Movie

Just a wee addendum to Day 3, a collage in video of our visit to Dunadd, the ancient capital and a place of great spirit and stunning views, followed by the bluebells in temple wood.  Finally a wee session in our hotel tonight, the group clapping along.

And it's nice to see that Mara is following the tour in the comments below.


  1. How lovely to see the bluebells in Kilmartin Glen - seems like all the wildflowers are a month later than usual - but so worth the wait!

  2. What a blast to see everyone grokking Dunadd and Temple Woods . . and how on earth did you rustle up those musicians, Scot?!

  3. If anyone is still in the dark . . . here is (roll of drums) the story of the ORIGINAL LOUIE on You Tube:

    Have the Louie girls seen this, I wonder?


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